About Us

A Digital Agency

Serving the Design and Advertising niche, Ferris Graphic Arts has been producing digital and printed products for our clients since 1998. We work in a Apple Macintosh based work environment using Adobe Software to create the support materials for printing. All of the websites we build are developed in the WordPress format. 

Forward Thinking

Let us help guide you from being a dinosaur and moving into the 21st Century. With contemporary branding that includes design and state of the art advertising avenues, your products are sure to catch the attention of your untapped audience.

Problem Solvers

With a long track record in the field of Graphic Design and Computer Graphics, Lynda Ferris brings over 30 years of knowledge to a project. Working with computers and trouble shooting hardware and software issues is a specialty that aids in the process of designing.

Customer Support

The end goal to any project we produce is Customer Satisfaction. If you are not satisfied with the process or product delivered to you, we really want to know. We listen carefully to what you say, then combine that information with our design skills to present a product that you can be proud of.

Lynda Ferris

Lynda Ferris

Owner, Lead Designer

You never know what Lynda will come up with but you can be certain it will be out of the ordinary (not pictured).

Hi Lynda,

I just wanted to tell you that I benefited from our visit in more ways than just computer help when I had a stress free and in fact very friendly interaction on the phone with a centurylink tech from India(my guess) who fixed my internet…I recalled our conversation and made an effort to be patient and friendly. Thought of you and your good advice. So far so good on ancestry. Thanks, Helen
~ H. Tolbert, Taos, NM